Rustican ingredients

fresh, deboned meat provides high quality protein and valuable amino acids for your dog’s daily welfare

whole eggs are nutrient rich and add to the fullness of taste

green peas provide highly digestible protein and valuable minerals

brown rice as a wholesome, gluten free source of natural fibres and energy

apples contribute FOS (fructo oligo saccharides) for intestinal microflora regulation

carrots supply ß-carotene for strong immune system

cranberries support a healthy urinary system and immunity

blackcurrants as delicious antioxidant powerhouses to enforce immune and anti-age system

cod liver oil contains omega-3, omega-6 and vitamin D for healthy skin and shiny coat

shrimp shells are a natural source of glucosamine for joint strength and agility

seaweed provides minerals and nutritive support for your dog’s health and overall well-being

yucca supports metabolism and reduces stool odour

Rich taste and high biological value ingredients, expertly balanced for your dog’s health and vitality, make Rustican a genuinely great food.

Holistic and gluten free, the Rustican recipe mirrors your dog’s natural diet, nourishes caringly and keeps your champion vigorous and fit for a truly great life.

Your dog is unique. Discover the perfect Rustican recipe,
prepared with love for your dog’s individual needs and taste.